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Hannibal Regional Infusion Center Team Guides Hannibal Resident to Better Bookmark

 A trip to the emergency room for a gallbladder attack ended with a surprising outcome for Hannibal resident John David Hymers, known to many as David.  In February of 2017 David was returning home from an anniversary trip with his wife, Janna, when a gallbladder attack sent him to the emergency room.  David’s gallbladder attack also came with chest pains but the emergency room team quickly ruled out heart problems.  Once it was determined David didn’t have heart problems, he was then scheduled for further testing to discover the cause of his problem.  


David met with gastroenterologist Dr. Almashhrawi who performed an endoscopy.  Through that endoscopy Dr. Almashhrawi made the discovery that David had esophageal cancer and referred him to Hannibal Regional’s Infusion Center for treatment.


Esophageal cancer often remains undetected until a late stage because it produces little to no symptoms and David will always be grateful for the care he received to help guide him to better.  The Hannibal Regional Infusion Center team made David and Janna feel comfortable and well-taken care of.  When talking about the Infusion Center team David and Janna say, “You all have been nothing but warm, caring, compassionate, attentive to our needs, helpful and loving!  We would recommend your services to others without any hesitation.”


The Hannibal Regional Infusion Center team is led by Dr. Kristen Strasser and is located in the Hannibal Regional Medical Building.  The Infusion Center offers patients an easy, attractive alternative to a hospital setting for receiving their cancer care and infusion therapy, simplifying and expediting the process while providing the highest-quality care and treatment.


David underwent several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is now on the road to recovery.  “The Infusion Center team made our difficult time so much easier - we can’t thank them enough for all their support during our cancer journey!” share David and Janna.


For more information about the Hannibal Regional Infusion Center call 573-629-3478.


Photo cutline:  Janna Hymers and David Hymers stand with Ellen Taylor, MSN, RN, OCN in the Hannibal Regional Infusion Center on David’s last day of treatment.


Tori Greving, FNP-C, Joins Hannibal Regional Medical Group's Infusion Center Bookmark

 Hannibal, MO -- Hannibal Regional Medical Group welcomes Tori Greving, FNP-C, to their new Infusion Center. Tori has been practicing in the Hannibal area for over 18 years. She started her career at Blessing Hospital in 1999 before moving on to medical oncology at Quincy Medical Group in 2002. In 2007, Tori came to work for Hannibal Regional Hospital as a Registered Nurse, first in the Intensive Care Unit, and then in Radiation Oncology. In 2015, Tori started working as a Nurse Practitioner at the James E. Cary Cancer Center in medical hematology/oncology.  She will be working with Kristen Strasser, MD. who practices hematology/oncology at the Infusion Center.

 “After working as an inpatient nurse in oncology, I decided I wanted to get into the hematology/oncology field,” says Tori Greving, FNP-C. “I took care of hematology/oncology patients while they were in the hospital, but always wondered about them after discharge. Once graduation for my Nurse Practitioner degree drew near, I knew I needed to find a way to continue with my desire to work in oncology and be able to help these patients and families. I have done many different types of nursing over the years, but working with these patients is special; they know you are helping them fight, they are appreciative of the care you give, and after a while it’s like we become a family.”  

 Tori has a passion for working in the hematology/oncology field. “I love to be [the patient's] cheerleader, educator, counselor, shoulder to cry on, and not to mention their ‘waver of the checkered flag’ at the end of treatment, congratulating them on success,” stated Tori. “But we all know there is the other side, those who do not respond to treatment, or get very ill during treatment, I am privileged to be there for those patients, too. There are ups and downs, but I would not be the person or Nurse Practitioner I am today if I had not crossed paths with all the patients and families I have helped in one way or another over the years. I find it very gratifying to be a part of their journey.”

 As part of the Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, the Hannibal Regional Medical Group (HRMG) is a growing multi-specialty physician group continuing to expand primary and specialty care services to meet the health needs of northeast Missouri residents. HRMG family and specialty physicians deliver a range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, they also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunizations, screening tests and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hannibal Regional Medical Group has locations in Bowling Green, Canton, Hannibal, Louisiana, Monroe City, and Shelbina, as well