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halloween treatsTrick or Treat

No matter what your age, Halloween candy can be quite tempting! Do yourself a favor and wait till the day before or day of Halloween to buy candy. This way, you won't be tempted to have "just one piece" - we all know that one piece usually leads to two or more. A piece here and there can really add up in calories, and empty calories at that! Empty calories in that candy is not going to fill your hunger or hold you over until the next meal. It will likely not even “satisfy” your craving, but rather leave you just wanting more! When you and your kids want to enjoy a piece of Halloween candy, sit down and pair it with a glass of lowfat milk or a piece of fruit.

Be aware of how much candy you and your children are eating. Here are a few “less than 100 calorie” treats just in case you find yourself digging around in that candy bowl!

Portion/Candy  Calories
 Candy corn, 10 pieces   80
 Gum drops, 6  80
 Gummy bears, 10 85
 Jelly Beans, 10 large or 25 small   100
 Nibs, cherry, 20 pieces 100
 3 Twizzlers from 5-oz package 100
 Starburst, 5 pieces 100
 Hi-C orange slices, 2 slices 100
 Jolly Rancher, 2 pieces    70
 Milk duds, 7 pieces  90
 Milky way, snack bar  75
 Riesen’s, 2 pieces  85
 Reese’s bites, 8 pieces  100
 100 grand bar, fun size  100
 Kit Kat miniature  50
 Nestle Crunch bar, fun size  50
 Butterfinger, fun size  80
 Heath bar, snack size  50
 Baby Ruth, fun size  80
 Snickers fun size  80
 Hershey’s Good and Plenty snack size box    60
 Hershey’s Good and Fruity snack size box  60
 Hershey’s Hug or Kiss  25
 Hershey’s Special Dark, .5 oz  75
 Payday, snack size  90
 Almond Joy, snack size  90
 Tootsie roll pop  60
 M&Ms, peanut or peanut butter, 10 pieces  100
 M&Ms plain, 30 pieces  100


Blog post provided by:
Katie Foster, RDN, LD,
Nutrition Services
Hannibal Regional