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I got my life back - Thanks to Dr. Basho
Sheldon Bue and pictured in truck, Dr. Rahul Basho

Constant pain was robbing Sheldon Bue of his life.  For months, Sheldon had battled severe pain in his shoulder and neck, relying on medication to dull the pain.  Sheldon was quickly losing his quality of life and knew he had to find answers to dealing with his pain.  After visiting his primary care doctor and reviewing treatment options, Sheldon and his wife Amy, of Palmyra, knew that the right answer was close to home. Sheldon chose the Hannibal Regional Spine Center and Dr. Basho for his spine surgery and through the expertise of Dr. Basho, Sheldon got his life back. Sheldon and Amy are quick to share that having spine surgery is scary, and selecting where you want to have your surgery performed is a very important decision. Upon meeting Dr. Basho, Sheldon knew he was in the right place. Sheldon states, “Dr. Basho is so down-to-earth and honest.  He is very pragmatic and offered various options that were easy to understand.”

Sheldon had spine surgery in March of 2015 during which Dr. Basho performed a cervical spinal fusion on vertebras five, six and seven. Not long after surgery, Sheldon was up and walking with the nurses throughout the night, and went home the next day.  Within two weeks Sheldon was back at work, and had gotten his life back.  

Sheldon shares his appreciation of Dr. Basho and the care team at Hannibal Regional, “When you live here, you know the people and your friends and family take care of you.  I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else.  I received the best care, close to home and I would highly recommend Dr. Basho and Hannibal Regional.”  Sheldon shares that he now sees Dr. Basho as a friend, and stops by to visit and update him on his recovery. Sheldon states, “I have to give him a hug when I see him, he’s like an old friend and I can’t thank him enough for giving me my life back!”

For more information about Dr. Basho and the Spine Center,  Call 1-844-474-2225

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