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Hi. My name is Buddy and I’m a 4-year old golden retriever. I wanted to “share” with you a story about my friend Mary and how we fought cancer together. Up until a few years ago, everything was going great. We would take walks together, take pictures together, take naps together - we did everything together! But then I noticed she wasn’t feeling good and she wasn’t getting better. That’s when she told me she had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. 
I was worried. Mary was my best friend. On a walk one day, she confided in me that she was scared but that I was going to help her through the next 6 weeks of treatments. I knew it might be “ruff” but I stayed by her side and did everything I could to help. She always talked about how wonderful the people were at the James E. Cary Cancer Center. She kept telling me about their Linear Accelerator and how it was one of the newest and best in the country, but the only thing I cared about was my friend Mary getting better. I was so grateful that she began talking about our future walks together and the places we were going to go see. I will always remember the moment she told me her cancer was in remission - it was the best news of my life! 
She told me I was so instrumental in helping her through her cancer treatments that she wanted to know if I wanted to help others too? How could I say no? Of course I would. She told me all about Pet Partners and how we could volunteer together at the James E. Cary Cancer Center where she was treated. I was pretty nervous on my first day, but Mary was with me and as soon as I saw my new friends smile - it was all worth it! I love what I do and I’m thankful for the James E. Cary Cancer Center for helping to save my best friend’s life. 
Remember: your four-legged friends love and care about you, so stay paws-itive, we’re here to help you through the tough times. If you would like to learn more about the Pet Therapy program at the James E. Cary Cancer Center, contact Belinda Krchelich, Oncology Patient Navigator at 573-406-5800. 
Thanks for reading my dog post and stay PAWS-ITIVE!