Alternate Medical Campus Entrances During Roundabout Construction

As our medical campus and the surrounding area has grown, the City of Hannibal has determined that a roundabout is the best solution to help the flow of traffic on Shinn Lane to our healthcare facilities, the new hotel, and the future technology park. During the roundabout construction, the main entrance to the medical campus will be closed and patients will need to use the alternate routes shown above. 

Option 1, is for patients and families from HWY 36. Patients can take the off ramp and turn south onto Shinn Lane, they will then need to turn west onto Emergency Drive to reach their healthcare providers. Please be aware that ambulances utilize Emergency Drive and they have the right away. If an ambulance is behind you, turn on your blinker, slow down and allow the ambulance to pass.

Option 2, is for patients and families to head toward the medical campus on HWY MM and turn on to Shinn Lane. Patients can then turn left onto Forest Drive to reach their healthcare providers. 

We thank you for your understanding and support as we work with the city on this project. Please help us communicate the importance of safe driving during the construction process. 



August 15th: Bids have been opened and Hannibal Regional will be in contact with the City of Hannibal to discuss next steps. 

August 11th: Bids are still being accepted for the Roundabout Construction. To submit a bid, please contact Hannibal City Hall at:  Address320 Broadway, Hannibal, MO 63401   Phone(573) 221-0111

Click on the map for a larger view of the construction.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a printable PDF with a map and alternate route directions.