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Hannibal Regional Medical Group Welcomes General & Breast Surgeon, Vaishali Patel, DO Bookmark

Hannibal Regional Medical Group is pleased to announce the addition of Vaishali Patel, DO to their team.  Dr. Patel is board certified in general surgery by the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and completed a Breast Oncology fellowship at Cleveland Clinic Akron General.  Dr. Patel has a special interest in breast disease and is looking forward to serving the community at Hannibal Regional Medical Group.

Dr. Patel shares, “I was initially drawn to breast oncology because it allowed me to be involved in a patient’s care as a whole rather than just the surgical side. The multidisciplinary approach needed to care for oncology patients best aligns with how disease affects the body as a whole, not just in a one-dimensional way. I also chose this field because it gave me a chance to develop relationships with my patients.”  Surgical oncology uses surgery to assist in treating cancer and can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Not all cancers can be treated with surgery, but surgery can help a medical team diagnose a cancer, stage of cancer or plan other needed treatment. “My priority is helping patients understand their conditions so that they can make well informed decisions regarding their care, surgical or otherwise. I aim to treat every patient the way I would want my own family members treated,” says Dr. Patel.

When asked why she chose to join Hannibal Regional Medical Group, Dr. Patel says, “Hannibal Regional has a reputation for compassionate care as well as that of philanthropy. It was important to me to work for an institution that is generous to not only its patients but also to its surrounding community.”

Dr. Patel is now seeing patients at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, to contact her office call 573-629-3500.

Hannibal Regional Medical Group Welcomes General Surgeon, Stacey Copeland, MD Bookmark

Stacey Copeland, MDHannibal Regional Medical Group is pleased to announce the addition of Stacey Copeland, MD to their team.  Dr. Copeland is a board certified general surgeon and also has a Stereotactic Breast Procedure Certification by the American Society of Breast Surgeons.  Dr. Copeland earned her medical degree at the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Medicine.

As an experienced general surgeon, Dr. Copeland manages a large variety of surgical conditions affecting all organ systems.  Common procedures include gallbladder removal, appendectomy, hernia repairs, breast surgery, removal of cancers, abscess drainage and screening colonoscopy.  Dr. Copeland chose general surgery because she enjoys being part of a team that is dedicated to efficiently caring for patients in their time of need.  “As my practice has evolved I have found great satisfaction in caring for women with breast cancer,” shares Dr. Copeland.  “So many of those women have taught me lessons about courage, patience and persistence.”

Dr. Copeland is committed to providing the best level of care possible to her patients and making sure they understand their procedures.  Dr. Copeland is looking forward to serving the community of Hannibal with high-quality surgical care as part of Hannibal Regional’s commitment to guiding patients to better. “I have been greatly impressed with the team at Hannibal Regional and sense it is a place that will continue to grow and expand in the upcoming years.  I am happy to be part of the Hannibal Regional team and am looking forward to becoming involved in the community,” notes Dr. Copeland.

Dr. Copeland will begin seeing patients in February at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, to contact her office call 573-629-3500.