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Hannibal Regional Longtime Volunteer and Patient Surrounds Herself With Caring People and Expert Care Bookmark

Pictured with Mary Frances Quinlin is Lacey Woodhurst, RN, Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and Dr. Richard Baumann, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Pictured with Mary Frances Quinlin is Lacey Woodhurst, RN,
Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit
and Dr. Richard Baumann, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Mary Frances Quinlin has repeatedly turned to Hannibal Regional to provide excellent medical care.  Why does she continually put her trust in their clinical expertise? For Mary Frances it’s because she’s been part of their team as a member of the Auxiliary since before St. Elizabeth’s and Levering Hospital merged to become what is now known as Hannibal Regional.

“I was a member of Levering Auxiliary and I got be part of the development of Hannibal Regional” shares Mary Frances.  “The team at Hannibal Regional is an extension of my family. At Hannibal Regional you’re surrounded by loving and caring people who are great at what they do.  There is no reason to leave the area for expert care.”

Not only does Mary Frances choose to receive medical care at Hannibal Regional, she has been a long time member of Hannibal Regional Auxiliary which allows her to support her community.  “Volunteering has blessed my life beyond all measure and has been such a wonderful experience – and still is,” commented Mary Frances. “It truly is a good feeling to know you are part of something successful and can take pride in knowing so many goals have been achieved.”  

Mary Frances has been a patient in the Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and was impressed with the high-quality, compassionate care she received.  “When it was time for me to go home, they gave me a certificate that my caregivers signed with well wishes” says Mary Frances. “It was a sweet gesture and that kind of care is hard to find, but it is the kind of care you find throughout Hannibal Regional.”

James O’Donnell Funeral Home Partners with Hannibal Regional Auxiliary to Continue Offering Memory Boxes Bookmark

VOY Group

Hannibal Regional Auxiliary provides memory boxes to any family who experiences the loss of an infant while at Hannibal Regional Hospital.  The bereavement box is filled with items that become treasured keepsakes to the family.  This year the James O’Donnell Funeral Home partnered with Hannibal Regional Auxiliary to continue providing these precious keepsakes to families.

“Experiencing the loss of a loved one is heartbreaking and life changing regardless of the length of time you have been given to spend together,” stated Lydia Ahrens, President-Hannibal Regional Auxiliary.  “Thanks to Jimmy and the team at O’Donnell Funeral Home, we will be able to give families a few special memories to hold on to and remember their sweet babies.”

Hannibal Regional Auxiliary helps patients, families and visitors every day in a variety of ways.  The purpose of the Auxiliary is to advance the welfare of and render service to Hannibal Regional Healthcare System.  With more than 240 members, the Auxiliary donates approximately 25,000 hours of service each year and has raised over $2,000,000 to support healthcare system projects and services.

For more information about Hannibal Regional Auxiliary call 573-248-5272 or visit

What You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer Bookmark

Dr. Ashraf AlmashhrawiMarch is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Ashraf Almashhrawi, gastroenterologist with Hannibal Regional Medical Group, would like to share some information to help you stay well.  Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men and women in the United States and 90% of those cases occur in people who are 50 years of age or older.  

Colorectal cancer starts in either your colon or rectum, which make up the lower part of your digestive tract.  Changes that occur in the cells which line the inside of the colon or rectum can lead to growths called polyps. Over time, some types of polyps can become cancerous so removing polyps early may stop cancer from ever forming.

“Often signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer only appear when the cancer has progressed to late stage cancer or has spread.” notes Dr. Almashhrawi.  Some of the symptoms of colorectal cancer are blood on or in your bowel movement; pains, aches or cramps in your stomach that don’t go away; constant tiredness; vomiting and unexplained weight loss.  Many of these symptoms may be caused by other, more common health problems, but it is important to see your healthcare provider if you do have these symptoms so they can determine the root problem. Only a healthcare provider can tell if you have colorectal cancer.

“If you’re 50 or older, getting a colorectal cancer screening could save your life,” shares Dr. Almashhrawi. “Regular screening is very important for colorectal cancer because it can often detect cancer early, when it will likely be easier to treat. In fact, screening can even prevent many colorectal cancers, because screening helps us find and remove growths inside the colon or rectum before they have a chance to turn into cancer.”  If you are age 50 or over you should be getting screened for colorectal cancer.  Some people are at higher risk for colorectal cancer, based on family history or other factors. They might need to start screening at a younger age, and then be screened more often than normal.  How often you need these tests depends on which test you have. In general, you can go longer between tests if you have a colonoscopy, which lets the doctor find and remove polyps, or similar tests. Screening tests that look for blood or other things in the stool must be done more often.

“Talk with your healthcare provider about which screening option is right for you,” says Dr. Almashhrawi.  “No matter which test you choose, the most important thing is that you get checked.” It's important to keep in mind that if cancer is found at an early stage during screening, treatment is more likely to be effective. There are currently more than one million colon cancer survivors in the United States.  To contact Dr. Almashhrawi’s office, call 573-629-3500.

Hannibal Regional Ranks #1 in the Region for Inpatient Rehab Bookmark

 Hannibal Regional recently received national recognition from Kindred Healthcare for superb quality in taking care of patients. 

According to Kindred Healthcare, Hannibal Regional ranks #1 in the region for inpatient rehabilitative care.  Additionally, the Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehab team received a 2017 award for “Top 10 in Kindred” for quality. Hannibal Regional was also ranked #1 nation-wide in length-of-stay efficiency. 

“The dedication of our Inpatient Rehab team is reflected in their efforts to help patients get back to living their lives,” noted Brett Hosley, DO, Neurologist and Director of the Inpatient Rehab Unit at Hannibal Regional. “ We treat the whole patient physically, emotionally and socially so that if they can, they are able to go back to doing the things they love.”

For 115 years, the people of our community have turned to us for quality and compassionate health care. The recognition from Kindred only reinforces our commitment to providing the highest quality care. I am proud of our team members for the dedication to our patients and honored we are able to share these recognitions.”  Todd Ahrens, President, and CEO of Hannibal Regional.


Hannibal Regional serves residents of the tri-state area from more than ten locations and includes, Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal Regional Medical Group, Complete Family Medicine and Hannibal Regional Foundation. Modern Healthcare recently recognized Hannibal Regional as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. For more information on Hannibal Regional, visit

Hannibal Regional RN, Dale Waters, Recognized by Continental Who’s Who As “Professional of The Year” Bookmark

Dale Waters, RN, CCRNDale Waters, RN, CCRN is recognized by Continental Who’s Who (CWW) as Pinnacle Professional of The Year in the field of nursing in recognition of her role as a Registered Nurse at Hannibal Regional. 

With over forty-two years’ experience in the field of nursing and thirty years in her current role as a Registered Nurse at Hannibal Regional, Mrs. Waters is considered an expert within the medical industry.  Having gained extensive expertise in intensive care, Mrs. Waters is specialized in all facets of frontline nursing. 

Throughout the course of her education and training and holding certifications as a Critical Care Registered Nurse and an Advanced Cardiac Life Support, she attained her Diploma in 1982 from the Blessing Hospital School of Nursing in Quincy, IL.  

To further her professional development, she is an affiliate with several organizations including American Nurses Association, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and International Nurse Association.  In her current capacity, Mrs. Waters is the Chair of Professional Practice Council and Journal Club. 

CWW has become one of the most trusted publishers around the globe, spotlighting thousands of professionals each year by their specific industries.  The men and women published represent every important field of endeavor.  Included are executives and officials in business, science, education, philanthropy, religion, government, the fourth estate, finance, law, engineering and numerous other fields. 

Hannibal Regional serves residents of the tri-state area from 15 locations and includes, Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal Regional Medical Group, Complete Family Medicine and Hannibal Regional Foundation. Modern Healthcare recently recognized Hannibal Regional as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. For more information on Hannibal Regional, visit

Hannibal Regional First in the Region to Offer Patients a New Heart Failure Monitoring Solution Bookmark

Hannibal Regional is the first in the area to offer patients a new wireless monitoring sensor to manage their heart failure. It has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions by up to 37% in a clinical study.

"Now we have a wireless sensor chip available called ‘CardioMEMS’ which is implanted in a pulmonary artery.
This device painlessly transmits the pressure in the artery which is downloaded to the clinician's computer so we can make decisions about fluid retention and make adjustments to medicines before the condition deteriorates." said Pervez Alvi, MD, a Cardiologist at Hannibal Regional, who performs the procedure. 

Penny Kampeter’s mother was recently treated for heart failure at Hannibal Regional. Her mother has suffered from a heart condition for 30 years. About a year ago, her doctor in Saint Louis who had performed open heart surgery to repair a leaky valve in 2011, finally said that “he did all that he could do” for her. But Penny and her mother were not ready to give up. They had heard good things about a cardiologist in Hannibal by the name of Dr. Alvi and they setup a consultation appointment with him. At the consult, Dr. Alvi reviewed her medical history and said, “I don’t have a magic wand but I would sure like to help.” He offered them an option that would provide daily monitoring and would alert healthcare providers at Hannibal Regional if anything needed to be adjusted to Penny’s mother’s medications. Since the procedure, there has been very little swelling in her feet and it has reduced her hospital visits. “It’s been a miracle” said Penny that has changed their lives. 

Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization for Americans over age 65 and occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body’s demands. According to the American Heart Association, nearly 6 million Americans have heart failure and 900,000 new patients are diagnosed each year. Patients with heart failure are frequently hospitalized, have a reduced quality of life and face a higher risk of death. 

“Hannibal Regional is committed to improving patient care by investing in innovative medical technology such as the CardioMEMS to help patients who suffer from chronic debilitating conditions like heart failure,” said Pranav Parikh, MD and Chief Medical Officer of Hannibal Regional Health System. 
Hannibal Regional serves residents of the tri-state area from more than ten locations and includes, Hannibal Regional Medical Group, Complete Family Medicine, and Hannibal Regional Foundation. Modern Healthcare recently recognized Hannibal Regional as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. For more information on Hannibal Regional, visit

Hoops for Hope Bookmark

Hoops for Hope Game Tuesday, February 13, 2018 the Hannibal-LaGrange University Trojan basketball teams hosted their 6th Annual Hoops for Hope Game.  The basketball teams sold pink Hoops for Hope shirts to raise funds for the Life.Light.Hope cancer patient assistance fund at the James E. Cary Cancer Center and Hannibal Regional Infusion Center.  Pictured are the Hannibal-LaGrange University men’s and women’s basketball teams, head coaches Jason Durst and Kelly Quigle, assistant coaches Josh Pickett and Kelly Stutler and Angie Wilcoxson from Hannibal Regional Foundation.

Hannibal Regional Medical Group Welcomes General Surgeon, Robert Troiani, Jr., MD Bookmark

Robert Troiani Jr., MD Hannibal Regional Medical Group is pleased to announce the addition of Robert Troiani Jr., MD to their team.  Dr. Troiani is a board certified general surgeon who earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center and has over 25 years of experience.  Dr. Troiani comes to Hannibal from Kansas City, MO where he was a trauma surgeon.

As an experienced general surgeon, Dr. Troiani manages a large variety of surgical conditions affecting all organ systems.  Common procedures include gallbladder removal, appendectomy, hernia repairs, breast surgery, removal of cancers, abscess drainage and screening colonoscopy.  Dr. Troiani’s passion for medicine began when he was eight years old and received an anatomy book as a gift from his godmother.    “I like the challenge of dealing with complex medical issues and being able to help my patients gain a clear understanding of their surgical issue,” shares Dr. Troiani.  

Dr. Troiani is now seeing patients at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, to contact his office call (573) 629-3500.

As part of Hannibal Regional, the Hannibal Regional Medical Group (HRMG) is a growing multi-specialty physician group continuing to expand primary and specialty care services to meet the health needs of northeast Missouri residents. HRMG family and specialty physicians deliver a range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, they also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunizations, screening tests and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hannibal Regional Medical Group has locations in Bowling Green, Canton, Hannibal, Louisiana, Monroe City, and Shelbina, as well as an Express Care clinic and a Vision Institute in Hannibal.

Hats From the Heart Bookmark

Red Hats

Pictured from left to right with some of the Auxiliary’s
Hats from the Heart are Jackie Schnelle, Nancy Cruse and Jane Bleigh.

To help raise awareness and celebrate Heart Month, members of Hannibal Regional Auxiliary have started a new program by knitting and crocheting red hats.  The red hats will be given out to babies born in February at Hannibal Regional Hospital.  Volunteers knitted and crocheted red hats to empower moms to live heart healthy lives and to help their children do the same.  “We are working to raise awareness and show support to Hannibal Regional for a healthy lifestyle.  We also love to make items for the newborn babies so it was a win-win!” shares Nancy Cruse, Chairman of the Knitting Committee. “We hope families will enjoy these during the month of February.”   Other committee members are Jackie Schnelle, Jane Bleigh, Beth Hansmeier, Brenda Higdon, Anne Cary, Roberta Thomas, Marie Wolpers and Priscilla Foreman.


Hannibal Regional 115 Years Strong Bookmark

Levering Hospital, Hannibal

Original Levering Hospital Building

One hundred and fifteen years ago the legacy of Hannibal Regional began. At the turn of the twentieth century, there was no hospital to serve citizens of northeast Missouri. With the opening of Levering Hospital on February 2, 1903, the need for hospital care was met and the first part of what would become Hannibal Regional was created. More than a century later, Hannibal Regional continues this commitment to being the leader in healthcare, furthering their mission of guiding the community to better health and shaping the future of healthcare for its residents.

Prior to the opening of Levering Hospital, the sick were cared for in the home, and any surgery needed was performed there or in a doctor’s office. In 1901, Aaron R. Levering, President of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Hannibal, and his wife, Eleanor M. Levering, recognized the need for a hospital to serve the community. The Leverings dedicated land and donated funds for the construction of a hospital in Hannibal and it would be called “Levering Hospital”.

Levering Hospital

Original Levering Hospital Patient Room

When Levering Hospital opened its doors it was the first erected hospital in northeast Missouri and contained twenty-six patient beds. Throughout its history, Levering Hospital received the support of many other contributors in the form of time, talent and funds. Over the years citizens, religious and civil organizations, and the Levering Hospital Auxiliary generously and unselfishly gave their energy and money to the hospital, truly making it a “Community Partnership.”

Levering Hospital

Original St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Building

A few years later, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was organized and founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Maryville, MO.  The Reverend Mother, M. Augustine, founder of the Sisters of St. Francis, was also the founder of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.  The land for the hospital was purchased in the fall of 1913, and the hospital was completed and received its first patients in the summer of 1915. 

Levering Hospital Nurses

Levering Hospital Nurses

Eight young, energetic nursing sisters were sent to Hannibal to operate the hospital.  These sisters, with the help of some local citizens, readied the newly constructed hospital to serve the community.  This hospital was located on Virginia Street and had thirty-five patient beds.

Hannibal Regional 2020

Hannibal Regional 2020

In July 1987, after many months of discussion and planning, the Board of Directors for both Levering Hospital and St. Elizabeth Hospital entered into an affiliation agreement to explore the consolidation of both hospitals.  In 1988, the two facilities merged, forming Hannibal Regional Hospital.

In addition to celebrating the legacy as an independent provider of health care for the past 115 years, in March Hannibal Regional celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary at their current location.  Expanding beyond hospital services, Hannibal Regional now has over 1,200 team members serving 12 counties, offices located in 11 communities, 85 providers and 21 specialties, Hannibal Regional continues to lead the way in providing access to exceptional healthcare and guiding the residents of Northeast Missouri to BETTER.