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Hannibal Regional 25th Anniversary

Hannibal Regional hosted an Anniversary celebration.
Team members enjoyed looking through displays
of archived photos and newspaper articles from 25 years ago.

Twenty-five years ago a new era in healthcare started when Hannibal Regional built their new hospital in the middle of a cornfield west of Hannibal. This move created the opportunity for growth and the continued commitment to guiding patients throughout the region to better health.

At the turn of the twentieth century, there was no hospital to serve citizens of northeast Missouri. With the opening of Levering Hospital on February 2, 1903, the need for hospital care was met and the first part of what would become Hannibal Regional was created. A few years later, in the summer of 1915, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was completed and received its first patients. In 1988, the two facilities merged, forming Hannibal Regional 25th Anniversary Hannibal Regional Hospital.

On March 27, 1993 Hannibal Regional Hospital opened the doors of its current location. Formed by the merger of Levering and St. Elizabeth’s hospitals, the new facility increased the number of patient beds available and greatly expanded the services offered in northeast Missouri. In addition to multiple new services and features, one of the key elements of the new location was the grouping of services together so patients did not have to be taken from floor to floor as often. Now with over 1,200 team members serving 12 counties, offices located in 11 communities, 85 providers and 21 specialties, Hannibal Regional continues to be a leader in healthcare throughout the region.

After more than a century of serving the residents of northeast Missouri, Hannibal Regional continues their commitment to being the leader in healthcare, furthering their mission of guiding the community to better health and shaping the future of healthcare for its residents.

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