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Back to School: Tips for a Better Year Bookmark

Dr. Deborah BaumannThe time for kids to head back to school is quickly approaching and as your family adjusts to the new school year, it’s a good idea to take some precautionary measures to set your kids up for a safe, healthy year.  Dr. Deborah Baumann, pediatrician with Hannibal Regional Medical Group, has a few tips to help make sure your children will have a great year.

Alert the school of health concerns.
One of the most important things you can do to ensure your child remains healthy is to make certain the school is aware of your child’s health care needs and knows how to address them. “If your child takes any medication, or experiences common health problems such as severe allergies, asthma or physical restrictions, it’s a good idea to prepare your school nurse or administrator for potential health issues prior to the first day of school.  Remember to also provider proper medicine and dosage information, as well as emergency contact and physician information” shares Dr. Baumann.

Schedule a well-child visit.
An annual well-child visit with your child’s pediatrician will help ensure your child is healthy before returning to class.  “A well-child visit is one of the best things you can do to keep your children healthy. Annual visits are recommended until kids head off to college.  It’s a good time for parents to visit with us and share any concerns” says Dr. Baumann. Well-child visits are also a good time to complete any needed sports physicals, update any prescriptions or have any other necessary forms signed.  

Establish good hygiene habits and know when to stay home.
We have likely all heard about the importance of proper hand hygiene and it is no different for kids.  It is a good idea to help kids establish a habit of washing their hands before eating and after bathroom use and remind your kids that there are times when it’s ok not to share. “Help your children understand that there are certain things that shouldn’t be shared.  These items include eating utensils, drinking cups, water bottles, grooming articles, etc. It is especially important to keep this in mind during cold and flu season” says Dr. Baumann.

If your child is sick, please don’t send them to school.  If your child is running a fever, is vomiting or having diarrhea, please stay home and rest.  If more symptoms appear or continue to worsen, consult with your healthcare provider.

Manage stress and re-establish routines.
Back-to-school time can be overwhelming and a bit stressful for kids and parents, but too much stress can lead to a variety of health issues.  “You can help your children manage stress by talking to them about anything that’s bothering them” notes Dr. Baumann. “Schoolwork and after-school activities are important, but don’t forget that it’s also important to take time to relax and spend time together as a family.”  

At least one week before school begins, shift your children from flexible summer sleep hours to bedtime schedules that fit the school year.  “To help re-establish a good sleep routine, turn off all screens to include computer, television and phone 30 minutes prior to sleep” says Dr. Baumann.  “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends teenagers sleep 8 to 10 hours per 24 hours on a regular basis to promote optimal health.”

To contact Hannibal Regional Medical Group call 573-629-3500.

Road Closures During Hannibal Cannibal Bookmark

This year the 23rd Annual Hannibal Cannibal will be held on Saturday, July 7th at 7:00 am. Like the past several years, Highway 79 from Church Street in Hannibal to Continental Cement on South 79 will be closed for the duration of the race.  The closures will begin at 6:30 am to prepare for the race and the course will begin to open back up at Continental Cement starting at 8:30 am.

Main Street will also be closed from North Street to Church Street and Church Street will be closed from Main Street to Highway 79. Along with that, starting at 3:00 am, July 7th, until the end of the race there will be no parking along the Main and Church Street sections of the race course.

Hannibal Regional Foundation is looking forward to another successful year of the race and appreciates the support of the community for the event. There is still time to register for the race downtown in front of the Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Statue on Friday, July 6th from 2-7 pm or the morning of the race on Saturday, July 7th at 5:30 am, during packet pickup. Please contact the Foundation with any questions at (573) 629-3577.

Don’t Let Your Healthy Tan Kill You Bookmark

Dr. MetlisSkin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. More people will get skin cancer this year than breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer combined. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated the Friday before Memorial Day as “Don’t Fry Day” to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and to encourage everyone to protect their skin as they head outdoors to kick off the summer season.

“One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime,” shares Dr. Schuyler Metlis with Hannibal Regional Medical Group. “‘Don’t Fry Day’ is a great way to remind us to take preventative measures to protect our skin.” In order to protect yourself from the sun remember to seek shade, wear protective clothing, generously apply sunscreen, do not burn or tan (including tanning beds) and use extra caution near water, snow and sand.

Another way to help catch skin cancer early is to carefully examine your skin monthly. Suspicious lesions or progressive changes in a lesion’s appearance or size should be evaluated promptly by a physician. “There has been a decrease of incidence of many common cancers, but the rates of melanoma continue to rise significantly. If you have a new skin lesion that is growing, changing shape, bleeding or itching, you should have it checked immediately by a trained professional,” says Dr. Metlis.

Some risk factors for skin cancer include a lighter natural skin color; family history of skin cancer; history of indoor tanning; history of sunburns (especially early in life); and skin that burns, freckles, or reddens easily. “If you have any of these risk factors, you should see a doctor for a skin cancer screening at least once a year,” says Dr. Metlis. “Catching cancer early often allows for more treatment options. If you have skin cancer, finding it early is the best way to make sure it can be treated with success and with less noticeable scarring.”

Dr. Metlis is hosting skin cancer screenings throughout the region. The screenings are free, however space is limited and appointments are required. To see a full list of screening dates visit

Hannibal Cannibal Seeks Logo Designs Bookmark

Hannibal Cannibal Seeks Logo Designs

By Angie Wilcoxson, Race Director


Hannibal, MO  -- Hannibal Regional Foundation is gearing up for their 22nd Annual Hannibal Cannibal.  This year’s Cannibal, a 5/10/15k run and 5k walk, will be Saturday, July 1 at 7:00 am in downtown Hannibal, Missouri.  As in the past, the Foundation is again seeking artists to design the logos for this year’s Hannibal Cannibal and children’s Fun Run.


Artists, graphic designers and anyone who enjoys designing are encouraged to submit designs for the logo contest.  The winning Cannibal logo will be displayed on the runner t-shirts, race volunteer t-shirts, stage backdrop, and all marketing materials including:  newspaper, magazine, TV ads, and entry packets.  The winning Fun Run logo will be on the all the youth t-shirts and the volunteer shirts.   For the last three years we have averaged over 1,900 participants, representing over 30 states and several foreign countries.  The winning logos could potentially be seen worldwide!


This year’s race will benefit the Foundation’s Cherish Campaign, which is raising funds to assist with expanding Women’s Health Services at Hannibal Regional. The expansion of Women’s Health Services at Hannibal Regional is a crucial element in meeting all the health needs of our region. Offering a full continuum of services and resources for all ages of women and their health needs is invaluable to growth and success in this area. Hannibal Regional Foundation is assisting in bringing these vital expanded services to our community through the Cherish Campaign.  This campaign is raising $160,000 to aid in bringing new technology, resources and women’s health services to our community.

Contest entries must be received by February 17, 2017.  The winner(s) will be announced March 1st and recognized during the awards ceremony of the race with a trophy, $50 Hannibal Chamber of Commerce gift certificate, free entry into the race and a free race t-shirt.


For a full list of design requirements, please visit the Hannibal Cannibal website, or contact Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation at (573) 629-3577.