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Hannibal Regional Is First In The Area To Use Abbott’s BurstDR Stimulation To Help Patients Suffering Chronic Pain Bookmark

Hannibal, MO -- Luvell Glanton, Jr. M.D., at Hannibal Regional is the first physician in the Tri-State Area  to use BurstDR™ stimulation from Abbott to support the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. According to Dr. Glanton, BurstDR stimulation is a new, superior spinal cord stimulation option for patients and has been shown to provide less pain, less suffering and less therapy maintenance.

 Amy Loscher was one of the first patients to receive the therapy.  She had suffered from chronic pain for many years following a failed neck surgery at another facility. After years of treating debilitating chronic pain with opioid pain medication, Amy was referred to Dr. Glanton at Hannibal Regional Medical Group. For years, Amy had attempted a variety of other pain therapy options with minimal pain relief but now is doing well.

 BurstDR stimulation, which is exclusive to Abbott, is designed to help patients find relief from their pain and suffering while also providing a better experience with chronic pain therapy. With BurstDR stimulation, Abbott is also helping physicians address their patients’ physical and emotional responses to pain. BurstDR stimulation is also able to help physicians reduce paresthesia for their patients, which is a light tingling sensation sometimes experienced with traditional spinal cord stimulation.

 According to Dr. Glanton, who is a Pain Management Specialist at Hannibal Regional, the ability of BurstDR stimulation to provide patients a more complete therapy experience is one of the key reasons he began offering the therapy to his patients.

 “One of the many advantages of BurstDR include the intermittent ‘burst’ pulses that can reduce a patient’s pain level for longer than many other options available.” said Dr. Glanton.

 Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy can transform quality of life for many people who are otherwise unable to find relief from chronic pain. However, BurstDR stimulation has been clinically proven to improve upon traditional SCS by generating superior pain relief. Abbott’s proprietary BurstDR stimulation works differently from other stimulation designs, utilizing intermittent “burst” pulses designed to mimic the body’s natural nerve impulse patterns. The goal of the therapy is to empower physicians to provide patients a new therapy option to improve patient outcomes and help more patients secure relief from their chronic pain.

 “Hannibal Regional Medical Group is privileged to have Dr. Glanton as part of our team. We believe his use of advanced technology/treatments, superior pain management skills and his passion to help are why so many patients choose Dr. Glanton. This new technology will improve patient care and allow many patients to get back to doing the things they want to do.” Said Kurt Ebers, Executive Director at Hannibal Regional Medical Group.

 Chronic pain is a complex and challenging condition for physicians to manage, and a heavy burden for patients who find their lives profoundly limited by their pain. Many patients often move from treatment option to treatment option seeking pain relief, only to find a partial or incomplete response to therapy.

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