COVID-19 Community Updates

From Todd Ahrens, Hannibal Regional President and CEO

Community Update - May 4, 2020 Bookmark

Community Update - May 4, 2020

Good morning!

Today is an important day for our community, region and state.  Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan begins today with Phase I.  As we work together to continue our fight against COVID-19 and find a new normal, I want to assure you that here at Hannibal Regional we continue to work diligently to keep you, our team and our community safe. 

We are committed to working with Governor Parson and local public health officials to follow the Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan, in effect through May 31. In addition, we have been working with local leaders in creating a BeSmart.BeSafe. campaign that offers timely information and education for our community in ways to be smart, be safe and be healthy. We thank you all for everything you have done over the last few months to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Remember, don’t stop! Continue to follow CDC guidelines including washing your hands, practicing social distancing and other actions we recommend in our BeSmart.BeSafe. initiative.

Please realize, we all have to be smart and be safe… and as the state begins to reopen, we will more than likely see more positive cases in our community.  This is one of the reasons we strongly encourage continued vigilance, social distancing and limiting exposure in public places. We will actively monitor the prevalence of cases in our community, assist in contact tracing, and isolate infection as much as possible. At Hannibal Regional, our team is unwavering in their dedication to keeping the community as healthy and safe as possible. I am proud of their professionalism and compassion as they continue to deliver the highest quality care under difficult circumstances.

As we move into the first phase of the re-opening, there are a few CDC guidelines we want to specifically bring to your attention and how these will affect your visit at Hannibal Regional.  First, starting today, May 4, we are implementing our No Mask- No Entry policy.  This is to protect you and our team as you access our services.  We encourage you to bring your own mask, but if you don’t have one then one will be provided.  We have also made changes to our processes to further promote social distancing, including staggering office visits and changing the layout of waiting rooms.  

We continue to utilize various entrances to our campus (campus map is available on our website) for specific patients, separating them by health need category, which allows us to keep our community as safe as possible.  Our visitor restrictions will remain in place and we appreciate your patience and cooperation, as these are an effective way to mitigate the spread of the disease and keep our most vulnerable patients from potential exposure.

Additionally, we want to assure our community that we have an ample supply of PPE (personal protective equipment) which we are utilizing in our daily activities to ensure everyone’s safety.  Over the last few months we have worked very hard to also be prepared in the event of a possible surge.  We take COVID-19 seriously, as you all should.  But most importantly, we want you to know that you are safe here at Hannibal Regional, you can come to us for all your healthcare needs.  If you have delayed seeking treatment during the shelter in place period, please do not wait any longer. We continue to offer telehealth services if this is a more convenient option for you, or all of our providers are ready to meet with you and provide the medical care you need.  

In closing I want to thank you all for your support.  Our team truly is a group of heroes, as are the countless other essential workers who have kept us all going over the last few months.  Our team is grateful for your support, your appreciation and also your business.  As we move toward a new normal in our community we encourage you all to continue coming to us with your healthcare needs.  We have been here for you for over 115 years and will continue to be.   Now more than ever we are here for you, serving you and guiding you to better.

Be smart, be safe and be healthy. 


Community Update - April 9, 2020 Bookmark

Community Update - April 9, 2020

Every day during this fight against COVID-19 I am reminded of Nelson Mandela’s simple message of perseverance: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” I know many of you are in that place of feeling this is impossible when there’s no clear end in sight. I’ve had moments of feeling that way, too. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by an incredible team of co-workers, friends and family. I hope everyone has a strong support network helping them through this time.
As we end the first full week of April, several positive COVID-19 cases have been identified in northeast Missouri. No positives have yet been identified for residents of Marion County, however there are several cases in surrounding communities. We are committed to the health and safety of our region, and will continue to provide COVID-19 screening and drive through testing, as well as posting daily updates on our website regarding the results of those tests. Our website, also has many resources to assist you in answering your COVID-19 questions, including our community hotline, telehealth services and more.  
While our local community continues to see few cases, we are seeing a large increase in areas around us.  I hope this a reminder to us all that this is not the time to become lax in our efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus but instead increase our diligence in following all CDC and state guidelines.  The next few weeks are pivotal in our fight against this virus. This is not going to be fast or easy, but it may be the most important work we do together as a community. Please continue with your diligent physical distancing and hand washing. I can’t even count how many times I’ve said, “Wash your hands, don’t touch your face.”  
While we are encouraged by news reports of the positive effect social distancing seems to be having on slowing the spread of COVID-19, our leadership here at Hannibal Regional continues discussions and preparations for a longer-term response in case we should have a surge here in the region. Even though it is challenging to predict for certain what resources and quantities may be necessary, locations have been identified and equipment is available should there be the need to care for a large amount of COVID-19 patients. 
As the weekend approaches I remind you of this: we will come back from this - with strengthened community partnerships, a new understanding of the vitally important role our essential workers (including our healthcare workers) fulfill in our community, and a new appreciation of the many things we previously took for granted. 
Thank you,